San Sebastián

In the Basque Country in the North of Spain about 20 kilometres from the French border lies one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. The city of San Sebastián, or Donostia in Basque, is backed by the golden, U-shaped Playa de la Concha and framed by lush green hillsides. The city has […]

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14 thoughts on “San Sebastián

  1. jerserry

    so nice !!

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  2. Wondering about the photo at the top. it is actually Lombard Street in San Francisco California (one of my favourite places). Allan

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  3. Hello!!! I am happy to inform you that I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Please check link:
    Best Wishes

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  4. Emmarodgers. A long journey of mine.

    Wow looks awesome

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  5. I just loved that place 😍

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