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Dear Visitors and Followers,

Many thanks for subscribing Rolandomio‘s Travel Blog! 

I am striving to publish interesting posts with travel news, stories, suggestions and recommendations on a regular basis. My major goal with this Blog is to give you travel inspirations and to show you that your „paradise“ is only a plane or train ticket (or boat ride) away.

For all those that are not registered on WordPress, you can receive my Blog posts via E-Mail. ThereforeI invite you to subscribe the Blog by entering your E-Mail Adress at the bottom of this Post „Follow Roandomio Travel via E-Mail“.

Thanks and happy travels!

Buen Camino, Roland

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30 thoughts on “Invitation to follow my Travel Blog!

  1. 👍🏻 i’m here!!! 😁

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  2. Excellent!

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  3. Your blog and stories are great! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

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  4. Nice travel blog! Keep it up!

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  5. Great !!!

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  6. lavieenfrance26

    Wonderful! Following you

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  7. Hii !! We liked your post very much. There is an interesting offer for you from my site and requires you to collaborate with us.

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  9. Well, I also have

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  10. Khanakool

    Awesome blog, keep up the good work! Be sure to also check out my travel blog 🙂

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  11. The Restless

    Hi! Your blog is awesome, Please also check mine out. I’m a new blogger and would love your support!

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  12. Hey! I’m loving what you’ve blogged so far. Imma new blogger & would appreciate your love on my blog through subscribing and liking my writeups if you find them nice. Im tryna blog about travelling; imma beginner so it might not be up to the mark. The link for my site is . Do check it out! Thanks! 😉

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  13. So what’s the deal?

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  14. Nature Girl

    Invitation accepted! 🤗

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  15. Hi Roland. Are you posting on a different site these days? Have not seen a post for a long time. Hope all is well. Allan

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  16. Stay well. Allan

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  17. Amazing blog! Great work! If you like traveling read our new article about lake Plastiras, a beautiful lake in Greece with mountains all around, you may find it interesting!! If you like our blog follow us and we will follow you back! 🙂♥️🤝
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  18. Greetings from I India . I look forward to reading your blogs. Thankyou for the follow

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  19. Following you! Feel free to check out and follow our extensive and in-depth travel blog. I think you will like it 🙂 Best, Marcella

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  20. Thanks now following 🙂. We are on an 18 month around the world adventure which started 28 days ago and currently inBelize. It’s great to be connected with you to see you travel experiences.

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  21. nice blog

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