Follow me on my Camino; it’s the journey that Counts, not the Destination! Travel around the world with me; this Blog is a travel guide for your inspiration and vicarious living. Perhaps, you will find good travel tips and ideas that will make your next travels or holidays an unforegettable experience.

The Blog is multilingual, mainly German and English, to allow my friends and followers to accompany me on my Camino.


Bei mir findest Du Reise- und Erfahrungsberichte sowie Reisetipps rund ums Wandern, Pilgern und Reisen. Begleite mich auf meinem Camino! Vielleicht findest Du hier die eine oder andere Inspiration für Deine zukünftigen Reisepläne und Abenteuer.

Um es all meinen Freunden und “Followern” zu ermöglichen, mich auf meinem Weg zu begleiten, führe ich den Blog mehrsprachig, vor allem Deutsch und Englisch.




18 thoughts on “About

  1. am enjoying your site – wishing you the best here 🙂


  2. Danke schön für deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog!


  3. Thank you very much for visiting my blog and liking “0wl of Secrets.” That is the fifth owl piece I have done and I am planning on more. I love your baby snow owl photograph (and your other photographs too).

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  4. Autumn is in the air, fresh smells (and authors) start my day.
    It’s a pleasure to meet you Rolandomio

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  5. Nice Blog! And, Thanks for following my page! In return, I have made your blog my first Weekly Featured Blog. Come check it out!

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  6. I like your philosophy: “it’s the journey that Counts, not the Destination!”. I totally agree 🙂

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  7. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    Lovely blog, and I look forwards to your caminos and your destinations…and so true, it is the journey that counts, for, isn’t a journey we are all on every day? Cheers!

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  8. thanks for following my blog – how do u come to know about it

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  9. Great site 💕Love to follow your posts 😊


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