The top Three Most Exciting Tours in China

My Name is Kristie Zhou from Windhorse Tour. We are a Chinese based travel agency and happy to present you a selection of our fantastic tours on Rolandomio’s Travel Blog!

China, with all its size, offers countless beauties worth visiting at least once. But once you visit China, there will surely be the next time. You cannot resist that magical land, full of culture, tradition, history, breathtaking nature, and of course, specific food. By territory, China is the fourth largest country in the world, with 9,600,000 square kilometers. The capital city is Beijing, and the largest is Shanghai. In China, there is no city or any place that is not attractive to tourists, whether it is a big city or a small area surrounded by beautiful nature.

I’m sure at least once you wished to travel to China, and experience that uniqueness closely, but you can not choose tours in China. Well, it is quite a tricky decision, because every part of China has its beauty. I have asked a few experienced travel guides who have visited all the major attractions in China, including those that are not very familiar to the tourists. China is in the top Four Most visited destinations in the world, proof enough that China has its beauty and what it has to offer tourists. According to them, these are the most exciting tours in China.

Classic China tour to Beijing – Xian – Guilin – Shanghai

For the first time travelers to China, this is one of the most remarkable Tours in China. On this tour, you will visit both cultural heritages and natural landscapes, which is a fantastic experience.

After your arriving in Beijing, you will meet the tour guide and will be transported to the hotel, and for the rest of the day, you can explore the city. The next day you will be visiting Tiananmen Square, which is the largest square in the world. This is the square where all Chinese people getter around for big celebrations and other occasions. After that you will visit Forbidden City and Summer Palace, both are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site. After breakfast, you and your tour guide will ahead to one of the best sections of the Great Wall of China – Mutianyu Great Wall. Upon arrival, enjoy two to three hours of walking along with this ancient defense and have a look at the magnificent scenery as the wall winds its way across the mountains. Next day is reserved for visiting the Lama Temple, also known as the Yonghegong Temple. Inside the temple is the largest wooden Buddha in the world. Afterward, you will have 1-2 hours to feel the traditional Hutong culture by visiting the Shichahai in west Beijing. In the afternoon, you will take the high-speed train to Xian. Upon arrival in Xian, you will be picked up and transferred to the hotel. Xian is known for the Terracotta Warriors, and you will be able to see it in Xian on this tour in China.

Terracotta Warriors Xian

Terracotta Warriors

Chen you will visit the Xian City Wall with your tour guide, see one of the oldest and best-preserved city walls across China. In the late afternoon, you can visit the Muslim Quarter and Great Mosque. The next day you will visit the Shaanxi History Museum and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. In the afternoon you will take a flight to Guilin. After 3 hours of driving from Guilin to Longsheng, you will visit Dazhai Jinkeng Rice Terraces, home of Yao minority in Guangxi province. Be prepared for the next morning, because you will cruise about three to four hours along the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo. The Li River for sure is one of the most beautiful rivers in China. After your visit to Yaoshan Mountain, you will fly to Shanghai. In the morning, head to Yu Garden and letter you can walk through Shanghai Old Street, and after that, you will visit Xintiandi in the French Concession. On the same day after launch you’ll visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. Next day is reserved for visiting the Tongli Water Town in Suzhou. Tongli Water Town is an ancient town, which has over 1000 years of history. The last day of this marvelous tour in China is for shopping in Shanghai. The next day you will fly back home.

If you plan to explore the classic Chinese heritage, ancient world wonders, majestic rivers and mountains then you may find your perfect tour for China on following Website: Windhorse Tour China


Small-group tour of Beijing – Xian – Chengdu

This is another excellent tour of China. The travel agency is making this tour with a small group, up to 18 people. It’s a unique opportunity to explore Beijing, Xian, and Chengdu. The tour starts in Beijing, and you will be in the capital city for three days. You’ll be able to visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven. And at the end of the day, you will be at the Red Theatre, and you will be watching the performance of the Chinese Kung Fu Show. Next day you will be visiting Mutianyu Great Wall. After your visit to the Summer Palace, later that day you’ll fly to Xian. Xian must-see attraction is The Terracotta Warriors, and after that, you will visit a local family and cooking class. After that, you will visit Xian Museum and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. Next day you will be visiting the City Wall Park, and after launch will visit Shaanxi Provincial History Museum. Then visit the Great Mosque. You can try some of the local snacks on the Muslim Street when finishing the visit to the mosque. On the seventh day of this China tour, you will be traveling to Chengdu by high-speed train. After arrival in Chengdu, you can rest in the hotel, or you can explore the city on your own. If you are a great Panda lover, this will be your dream come true kind of day. You will visit lovely giant pandas in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. And after this, you will visit the Broad and Narrow Alleys of Chengdu. In the late afternoon, you can visit the Jinsha Site Museum and Renmin Park. Next day you will check out of the hotel, and flying home with an incredible experience of this tour.

Li River

Li River

Yunnan photography tour to Yuanyang and Luoping

For passionate photographers and for those who love nature, this China tour can be the right one for the journey. It lasts for nine days, and you will be able to take a photo of the unusual scenery of the canola fields as well as rice terraces in Luoping and Yuanyang. At this tour, you will stop at Lunan Stone Forest to admire this natural phenomenon. See many rough stones from different sizes and shapes. The tour starts with visiting the Lunan Stone Forest. You’ll be impressed by the outstanding variety of nature while seeing infinite rugged stones form the shapes of plants and animals in the park. After launch, you will drive to Luoping, a small county in eastern Yunnan. If you are traveling in spring, you will see the most beautiful scenery in this area. You will stop at  Jinjiang to catch the fantastic view of the sunset. In the morning you will have a majestic view of the sunrise at Jinjiang, and after that, you will visit the Jiulong Waterfalls. Standing on the platform, you will take in over ten waterfalls in one viewing, including the largest tier, which is 112 m. wide and drops 56 m. This afternoon you will drive to Luositian, where you can enjoy the canola fields. Next day you will have a drive to the Shiwandashan for the majestic views of the sunrise. After taking astonishing photos of the scenery, you’ll be visiting the Jianshui Confucius Temple, which has a history of over 700 years. You’ll be able to walk around the town and explore its folk houses and culture. Next day is reserved for exploring the Jianshui, Tuanshan Village and Tiger Mouth Village. Another day perfect for photography. You will spend the day to admire the magnificent scenery of the rice terraces in Yuanyang. Unlike other natural landscapes, these terraces are extraordinary artistry created by humans. Best time to shoot the gardens is at sunrise and sunset. In the morning,  you will have the opportunity to take magnificent photos of Duoyishu Village. The same day, in the afternoon, you will visit the Jingkou Hani Ethnic Village, where you’ll appreciate the best-preserved folk culture of the Hani Minority in Yuanyang. Afterward, drive to Bada Scenic Area and immerse yourself into the breathtaking scenery of the sunset. The visual impact of these magnificent rice terraces can be remarkable. Next day you will spend the morning to trek through these rice terraces and stop at some local villages to capture more panoramic views. After breakfast, head to the Flowers and Birds Market, where you will see lots of small shops for selling birds, flowers, and knick-knacks. Then pay a visit to Western Hills, also called ‘Sleeping Buddha Hills,’ looked at from a distance, they have the presence of a giant sleeping, Buddha. Western Hills boasts an excellent environment with flourishing flowers and dense forest, giving tourists a unique ambiance to enjoy the tranquility and marvelous scenery. Afterward, visit the Bamboo Temple, which is outstanding for its five hundred colorful statues of carats produced in the Qing dynasty. Nowadays, these statues have become precious cultural heritage in Buddhism. In the evening, you can enjoy the grand dance musical “Dynamic Yunnan.”

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Last words

I hope with this short walk through China is enough to make you want to visit this unique Country. If you were in doubt about which tour in China to choose, I hope I made your choice more manageable with these Tours in China. Keep in mind, whenever you are traveling to a country for the first time, that you are well informed about the necessary documents and visas. But it is also essential to choose the best travel agency that will meet all your needs and desires.

See you in China:


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    Concluded almost everything about the post..very much information ladden.. Being a tourist blogger I love it.. Cheap flights

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