Impact of Covid-19 for our future travels?

For almost two years now, we have been experiencing travel restrictions that massively limit our usual and for us self-evident freedoms. From complicated entry regulations, compulsory RT-PCR testing and vaccination requirements to lockdowns, quarantaine and contact tracking apps, Covid-19 has changed the world of travel colossally. Will that change in the new year 2022?

Seit fast zwei Jahren erleben wir Reisebeschränkungen, die unsere gewohnten und für uns selbstverständlichen Freiheiten massiv einschränken. Von komplizierten Einreisebestimmungen, obligatorischen RT-PCR-Tests und Impfvorschriften bis hin zu Ausgangssperren, Quarantäne und Kontaktverfolgungs-Apps hat Covid-19 die Welt des Reisens gewaltig verändert. Wird sich das im neuen Jahr 2022 ändern?

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14 thoughts on “Impact of Covid-19 for our future travels?

  1. I am hoping this will that change in 2022.. Happy New Year!!

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  2. Things should improve. They can’t get much worse I don’t think.

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  3. 😭😭

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    • Do you believe that the COVID Travel restrictions will continue this year or will these rules (e.g. PCR test requirement to board a Plane, etc.) end this year?

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      • I guess it depends upon the leadership and how much freedom they are willing to give to people, and if anyone will ever acknowledge the millions of people with natural immunity who do not need to be vaccinated or carry a card around to be able to travel. I want everything to go back to normal so we can stop playing this pandemic game.

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      • Fully argee with you!

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  4. theviewdeck

    Exactly! Don’t we all feel nostalgic about pre-pandemic freedom of travelling? Every day and every week, new rules and travel restriction are advised.
    Hoping for the best this 2022. Happy New Year!


  5. Happy New Year 2022!

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  6. Life is what you make it. I went on a few trips during the pandemic. So many places were extra careful, taking temperatures prior to entrance. I went to a ton of outdoor concerts that had social distancing circles and vendors supporting causes. Found new parks. Visited new towns. Embraced wearing a mask. What the pandemic taught us is – life is short. I lost many friends that year (only one to Covid) and it’s an eye opener – live life to the fullest.

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  7. People who made Virus will nevey pay. Who paying Price? We do,normal people.

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