Thanks a lot for following my Blog

Dear Followers, merci beaucoup!

Many thanks for following Rolandomio‘s Travel Blog! 

I am striving to publish interesting posts with travel news, stories, suggestions and recommendations on a regular basis. My major goal with this Blog is to give you travel inspirations and to show you that your „paradise“ is only a plane or train ticket (or boat ride).

Travel Blog

Thank You

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Thanks and happy travels!


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14 thoughts on “Thanks a lot for following my Blog

  1. Thank you too for following mine 😊

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  2. Francisco Bravo Cabrera

    I thank you for your splendid advise and your interesting posts!
    All the best to you, greetings from Spain,

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  3. Same here! Thank you!

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  4. Hey, you like the image of rustic roads disappearing off in the horizon too! Thumbs up! Now with the COVID panic over and only a few years of travel left, I’ll be happy to pay attention to your posts.

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  5. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post! I am planning to visit these places as soon as things get normal !In my first visit I could visit only a few places ! Keep up the good work dear 😂

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  6. can’t seem to wait to travel again, not sure about how the rest of the world feels right now

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  7. I am interesting seeing your info . I travel all over the world and hoping to get back to travel again again . I will follow yours .

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  8. Nice photos!

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  9. Hey there I saw your post .And some how ended up reading your blog.. Amazing and beautiful Shared . # Enjoy Life

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  10. long time no blog post no updates not travelling ??

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  11. I am not always on WP like before but when I have time I come back to check all my followers and readers. I do appreciate them all too like U. Stay safe and keep blogging!

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