Measures to overcome the Corona Virus Pandemic – insights by Bill Gates

Philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates offers insights into the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses his point of view in a TED-interview. He is convinced that intensive tests and consistent self-isolation are currently the only measures to overcome this crisis. The development of a corona vaccine is expected to take many months. I think this interview is absolutely worth seeing and highlights the Corona disaster from the perspective of an expert who has been warning Politicians and the World about the dangers of such Pandemies for many years.

I would be interested in your opinion?

Der Philanthrop und Microsoft-Mitbegründer Bill Gates bietet Einblicke in die COVID-19-Pandemie und erörtert seinen Standpunkt in einem TED-Interview. Er ist überzeugt, dass intensive Tests und eine konsequente Selbstisolierung die derzeit einzigen Massnahmen sind zur Überwindung dieser Krise. Die Entwicklung eines Corona-Impfstoffs dauert voraussichtlich viele Monate. Ich denke, dieses Interview ist absolut sehenswert und beleuchtet die Corona-Katastrophe aus der Sicht eines Experten und Warners welcher sich seit vielen Jahren mit den Gefahren solcher Pandemien befasst.

Deine Meinung würde mich interessieren?

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5 thoughts on “Measures to overcome the Corona Virus Pandemic – insights by Bill Gates

  1. Thanks Roland. We will watch this one. Already watched his 2016 TED talk on pandemics. It appears very few in power paid attention to this one. Stay well, my friend. Allan

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  3. Why does he have nearly the same power as nations at WHO? I believe he is way ahead, but do his solutions respect autonomy?

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  4. rulookingforjesus

    Thank you for sharing this really like it

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