Giacomo Casanova

Who doesn’t know Giacomo Casanova, an Italian writer, spy, diplomat, ecclesiaste and adventurer. He is also known as the man that made the name Casanova synonymous. Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice on April 2, 1725 in one of the houses in the Calle Della Commedia (today: Calle Malipiero). He was the eldest child of a total of six siblings. Casanova travelled throughout Europe and visited countries like Germany, Switzerland, Rome, Naples, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Russia and was a welcome and prominent guest in the noble salons. He died after an adventures life on June 4, 1798 in Bohemia (Czech Republic).

Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova

Wer kennt nicht Giacomo Casanova, ein italienischer Schriftsteller, Spion, Diplomat, Prediger und Abenteurer. Er ist auch als der Mann bekannt, der den Namen Casanova zum Synonym machte. Giacomo Casanova wurde am 2. April 1725 in Venedig in einem der Häuser an der Calle Della Commedia (heute: Calle Malipiero) geboren. Er war das älteste Kind von insgesamt sechs Geschwistern. Casanova bereiste Europa und besuchte Länder wie Deutschland, die Schweiz, Rom, Neapel, die Niederlande, Polen, Spanien und Russland und war ein willkommener und prominenter Gast in den Salons des Adels. Er starb nach einem abenteuerlichen Leben am 4. Juni 1798 in Böhmen (Tschechien).

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6 thoughts on “Giacomo Casanova

  1. adventurous, my dear! Great post!

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  2. Nice post

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  3. I was unaware the origin of Casanova, having heard it used in a descriptive manner to others, I simply never investigated as to why. Thank you for sharing this.

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  4. skowronpisze

    I read a book about him by Laurence Bergen. Rather intriguing personality 🙂
    Greetings from Poland!

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    • Thanks for your Feedback! Yes, a very interesting figure! Did. you see Federico Fellini’s movie „Casanova“? I have a Youtube Link to the Ciniecitta Studios in Rome where this Film was shot; in this short video you see also some of „Casanova‘s costumes in this movie.
      Have a nice evening! Cheers, Roland

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