Plastic Polution in our Oceans

What are the humans doing to their beautiful earth? Shocking underwater shots have recently been uploaded and shared on social media to commemorate the Ocean Day celebrated by the United Nations on June 9th. The videos published on YouTube were made in Bali, for many people a holiday „dream destination“! A swarm of innumerable colored plastic scraps floate towards the diver Rich Horner. Fifty years ago, in the films of the French oceanographer Jean Jacques Cousteau, blue, red and yellow coral fishes thrummed in front of and above the divers on the left and right. Today, it is the plastic waste of an indifferent throwaway society. I remember well how Jean Jaques Cousteau warned us in the 1960s of such man-made plastic pollution. According to reports, the situation in our oceans is devastating. There are soon more plastics than fish in the water. Recently, a half-dead whale stranded between Thailand and Malaysia. There were over 80 plastic bags in his stomach! I am convinced that the plastic waste ends up in our own stomachs through the food chain, with unknown health consequences!

Plastic Waste in our Oceans

Plastic waste in our Oceans

Was machen wir Menschen nur aus unserer schönen Erde? Schockierende Unterwasseraufnahmen rund um das touristische “Traumziel” der Insel Bali wurden kürzlich auf YouTube veröffentlicht. Ein Schwarm aus unzähligen farbigen Plastikfetzen schwebt auf den Taucher Rich Horner zu. Vor fünfzig Jahren sah man in den Filmen des französischen Ozeanographen Jean Jacques Cousteau blaue, rote und gelbe Korallenfische, die sich vor und über den Tauchern links und rechts tummelten. Heute ist es der Plastikabfall einer gleichgültigen Wegwerfgesellschaft. Ich erinnere mich gut daran, wie uns Jean Jaques Cousteau in den 1960er Jahren vor einer solchen, vom Menschen verursachten, Plastikverschmutzung gewarnt hat. Berichten zufolge ist die Situation in unseren Ozeanen verheerend. Es gibt bald mehr Plastik als Fische im Wasser. Vor kurzem strandete ein halbtoter Wal zwischen Thailand und Malaysia. Es waren über 80 Plastiktüten in seinem Bauch! Ich bin überzeugt, dass über die Nahrungskette der Plastikmüll schlussendlich in unsere eigenen Mägen gelangt mit noch unbekannten gesundheitlichen Folgen!

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11 thoughts on “Plastic Polution in our Oceans

  1. It’s a shame! We should be preserving our beautiful home, but instead we are destroying it for no good reason. I try to do my best to not waste water or energy, I try to use my car only if there are no other options, and I try to produce the less waste that I can. Around me (in my office) I see people printing stuff that they don’t need to print, leaving the lights on when they go home, using tons of plastic bottles and this makes me very angry. I do not know how to convince them to leave the dark side…

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  2. I agree with you, write articles it’s good reduce use of plastic items. Major problems in anvoirment

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  3. It upsets me so much. I’ve made some drastic changes in the last two years trying to reduce my plastic consumption. Sadly there needs to be a huge change at an international level, with huge corporations otherwise all our efforts will be in vain. I will keep fighting the good fight though.

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  4. So terrible !!!! We try to reduce plastic as family and it works !!! No bottles & only homemade snacks. Our children support as so well !!! And our friends started to do the same. Sometimes we just need small advices to change big things in our lives.

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  5. It’s a very serious, and saddening problem. We have the power to change, I hope we have the collective will! 🙏🏻

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  6. It’s sad to see how humans are destroying the earth. I really hope it’s not too late to change this behaviour so we can leave our amazing planet for future Generations to enjoy.

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  7. AMAZING BLOG POST! So sad but true ):

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  9. We really need to spread awareness among people as most of the people are not aware of the issue and the consequences

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