Giants of the Seas in Venice, Italy

A special attraction in Venice are the gigantic cruise ships that squeeze through the lagoon. Some of them are mooring next to St. Mark’s Square. The World Heritage Site with its beautiful Renaissance buildings in contrast to these Giants of the Seas! What a sight! Let’s hope that the fragile foundations of the magnificent buildings and bridges along the canals are not affected by the enormous displacement of water of these ships! 

Eine besondere Attraktion in Venedig sind die riesigen Kreuzfahrtschiffe, die sich durch die Lagune zwängen und einige von ihnen direkt am Sankt Markusplatz anlegen. Das Weltkulturerbe mit seinen wunderschönen Renaissance-Gebäuden im Kontrast zu diesen Riesen der Meere! Was für ein Anblick! Hoffen wir, dass die fragilen Fundamente der prächtigen Gebäude und Brücken entlang der Kanäle nicht durch die enorme Wasserverdrängung dieser Schiffe beeinträchtigt werden!

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12 thoughts on “Giants of the Seas in Venice, Italy

  1. Nemorino

    Apparently the cruise ships have now been banned from Venice, as they have been causing damage to the historic buildings, not to mention flooding the city with thousands of day-trippers.

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  2. Aaaargh ‼️ Those huge liners should be banned from the lagoon ‼️

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  3. These huge cruise ships have no place in such a fragile historical environment. I do hope the ban sticks.

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  4. So many ships, so many people!

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  5. MAP195

    nice share

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  6. Your website is dangerous. Now you have me looking up Mediterranean cruises and the best time to take them!

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  7. Did not get a chance to go since I was a child 14 years old I think. Is a beautiful city.

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