The mountain Matterhorn in Switzerland

This shot of the epically beautiful Matterhorn was taken while hiking the 5-Seenweg (Five Lakes Hike), which offers 5 stunning lake views of the alps and is a true Swiss classic.

via Matterhorn Over Stellisee — Lightbox3D

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15 thoughts on “The mountain Matterhorn in Switzerland

  1. Sehr schönes Foto. 👍

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  2. Absolutely stunning! It’s surreal that a place like this exists.

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  3. Weiss-Nix


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  4. Weiss-Nix

    ..hängt bei mir im Wohnzimmer!

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  5. Beautiful picture. Well done.

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  6. A great place to reflect. Allan

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  7. lifeinkarolingston

    Stunning landscape and great photo!

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  8. exceptionally beautiful
    landscape shot! 🙂


  9. You are taking credit for a photo that you did not take.


  10. I dont mind you using it, but it is now elsewhere on the internet credited to you. Example:

    But that is out of your control. Either way, it is a truly exceptional spot and I don’t mind you sharing the image with others. I will be there again in a few weeks time and hope to duplicate the spot in snow covered beauty. Cheers.


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