The Frangipani is in Central Europe a potted or container plant which is also known as West Indian Jasmine. It’s real home is most likely Central America. You can also find the Frangipani in subtropical areas of Europe and especially in the Pacific and in the Caribbean. The exceptionally fine scent of the beautiful flowers have caused me to devote a small blog post to this enchanting plant.



Die Frangipani ist bei uns in Zentraleuropa eine Topf- oder Kübelpflanze die teilweise auch unter dem deutschen Namen Westindischer Jasmin bekannt ist. Ihre eigentliche Heimat ist höchstwahrscheinlich Mittelamerika. Man findet die Frangipani aber auch in subtropischen Gebieten Europas und vor allem im Pazifikraum und in der Karibik. Der aussergewöhnlich feine Duft der wunderschönen Blüten haben mich veranlasst dieser zauberhaften Pflanze einen kleinen Blog-Beitrag zu widmen.


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10 thoughts on “Frangipani

  1. Great

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  2. Farhadhamsada

    Nice! They also have this particular flower in Afghanistan as well 🙂

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  3. When I read your post I thought surely this had to be related to France’s frangipane tart. I just looked it up and, sure enough, Wikipedia says it was named after Marquis Muzio Frangipani and that the frangipani flower produced the perfume that originally flavored the tart. I love finding word connections like that!

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  4. there was a time that almost every yard here in Trinidad had one but I don’t think most people could put up with the occasional frangipani worms… There are still quite alot though every child knows this plant, we even have a small one in front of the house…

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  5. Beautiful flower

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  6. I love frangipani! What a beautiful flower! And here in Singapore is so common 😊 Also smells incredible 🌺

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