Three Great RV-Trips to Take in Retirement

RVing (RV stands for Recreational Vehicle) is an extremely popular way to get out and experience the world for retirees across the globe. From the occasional trip to full time living, RVs provide a simple, comfortable and affordable way to travel year-round. Here are 3 great RV trips to take in retirement. These can be done as standalone trips, or easily incorporated into your full-time travels.

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Pacific Northwest, United States of America

This is a great summertime trip for retirees. While it is a common perception that this area has perpetual rain, there are great areas here to visit that buck that understanding. Located on the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula, towns like Port Angeles, Sequim and Port Townsend are located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. Sequim, which is located in the center of that rain shadow, receives only 14 inches of rain per year. The vast majority of that rain falls between October and April. The weather in peak season between June and September is absolutely delightful. It is sunny with low humidity and temps in the 70’s to low 80’s (21 – 26 centigrade). This is one reason Sequim has been ranked as one of the best small towns in the pacific northwest to live. It is also a very popular destination for west coast residents to move to for retirement.

The towns here are quaint seaside towns, particularly Sequim and Port Townsend. The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful, with the Olympic National Park just to the southwest. Port Townsend has a great walkable downtown area with nice restaurants and a first-rate farmer market every weekend. The nearby Fort Worden State Park is a former military installation where many of the buildings have been converted to art facilities. This is a great place to learn art from traditional painting to advanced woodworking.

The area is also a gateway to Seattle, the San Juan Islands and Victoria, BC, which is a short ferry ride from Port Angeles. This area makes a great standalone trip. A visit here can be months long without running out of things to do.

Great RV Trips to Take in Retirement

Great RV Trips to Take in Retirement

Mediterranen Coast, Spain and other European Countries

The Mediterranean Coast if Spain is a great location for an overseas retiree RV trip. Spain is often listed as one of the best places for US residents to retire on a budget. It has excellent culture, is generally friendly to foreigners, and sports a relatively low cost of living. The EU also has very streamlined travel regulations between nations, so it makes a great base camp to venture out and explore other EU member states and Switzerland.

RVing in Europe is typically done in smaller campervans than those you may be used to in the US. These RVs are designed to navigate the smaller roads in Europe and provide only the basic services you really need to live. A place to cook, a place to sleep and maybe a bathroom, although those are less common. The lack of RV amenities are made up for by the lifestyle in the area. The RV is truly just a place to sleep, the surrounding cities, towns and beaches will provide all amenities, activities and entertainment you could possibly ask for.

Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Malaga are all excellent destinations. Each could be a standalone destination, or a coastal trip covering all of them is certainly possible. Peak season is in the spring and summer, but the weather is mild year-round so off-season trips can still be great while avoiding the crowds.

To plan a trip like this consider using a private owner RV rental service. These services will connect you to a great rental RV that can be picked up on location in Spain.

Great RV Trips to Take in Retirement

Great RV Trips to Take in Retirement

Desert Southwest, United States of America

The southern US is a great retirement RV destination. The weather is fantastic year-round so you can plan your trip at any time. While the southern US as a whole is a great retirement RV destination, the desert southwest stands out for a number of reasons. First, it has great weather. Not only is it generally warm, but also generally very dry. The lack of humidity does three things. First, it makes the warmer temps feel more pleasant. Second, when the sun goes down the temps tend to cool faster, making sleeping more pleasant. Finally, drier air is easier to breath and can be beneficial for a number of health conditions common in the retired community.

The desert southwest is also less crowded then places like Florida during the snowbird season and the cost of living is generally lower. There are other places in the south that are also less crowded then Florida, like Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. These are all great areas in their own right, but the desert southwest gets the edge for its better weather and greater prevalence of free or cheap camping opportunities.

From Palm Springs, CA east to New Mexico there is a great mix of cities and towns with a broad range of cultural and entertainment facilities. These areas are surrounded by camping facilities ranging from vast free boondocking areas to massive high-end resorts. The diversity here will allow any retiree to live exactly as they desire.

RVing during retirement is a great way to get out and see the world. Here we have looked at three great RV trips for retirees. These trips demonstrate the options retirees have for RVing regardless of location or time of year. A great trip is taking a great destination and get the most out of it for yourself and any of these locations will allow you to do that.

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