Freddie Mercury – Queen

Who does not know him, Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the Rockband „Queen“ who unfortunately died too early. In 1996, in memory of his presence in Montreux, Switzerland, a statue on the lake promenade of Lake Geneva was erected. In 1978, the singer came to the Montreux Jazz Festival with his unmistakable voice to record the album Jazz with Queen. At that time, the Montreux Casino’s “Mountain Studio” was one of the world’s most advanced recording studios equipped with Revox machines. The following year, Freddie Mercury bought the Mountain Studio, which today is open to the public. It is now a Museum and visiting this historic place in Montreux is worthwhile!

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Wer kennt ihn nicht, Freddie Mercury, der Lead Sänger der Rockband „Queen“, der leider viel zu früh verstorben ist. Zur Erinnerung an seine Anwesenheit in Montreux (Schweiz) wurde 1996 eine Statue an der Seepromenade des Genfersees aufgestellt. 1978 kam der Sänger mit seiner unverkennbaren Stimme zum Montreux Jazz Festival, um das Album Jazz mit Queen aufzunehmen. Das „Mountain Studio“ im Casino von Montreux war zu jener Zeit weltweit eines der hochmodernsten, mit Revox-Geräten ausgerüstete, Tonstudio. Im folgenden Jahr kaufte sich Freddie Mercury das Mountain Studio; es ist heute für die Oeffentlichkeit zugängig. Es wurde in ein Museum umfunktioniert und ein Besuch dieses historischen Ortes in Montreux lohnt sich!

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3 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury – Queen

  1. your posts are revealing more information about places and people . This time it is about Mountain studio, and Freddie ,the jazz king. it credible to see his statue bein on the lake Geneva. Thanks.

    do read my posts .

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  2. Hi, I sincerely loved to read your blog and that’s why I have decided to nominate you for “Mystery blogger Award” 🙂
    Hope you will enjoy answering my questions. So, feel free to check my recent post about your nomination and rules of the contest.

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  3. Your post makes me want to watch the movie about Freddie Mercury. My oldest daughter saw the movie and said it was great. She loves Queen’s music. I had no idea about the statue. Thanks for your informative post!

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