Iguana delicatissima, a rare species in the West Indies

Did you know that the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima) is endangered by our civilization and by the agressive “green” Iguana (Iguana iguana) which arrived on the caribbean islands through the animal trade. From the 17 islands of the West Indies, only 7 are hosting a viable population of the “native” and rare species Iguana delicatissima.

Kennst Du den kleinen Antillen-Leguan (Iguana delicatissima)? Dieses Reptil wird von unserer Zivilisation und dem aggressiven “grünen” Leguan (Iguana Iguana) welcher durch den Tierhandel auf die karibischen Inseln gelangte, stark bedroht. Von den 17 Westindischen Inseln beherbergen nur noch gerade 7 eine lebensfähige Population dieser seltenen „einheimischen“ Spezies Iguana delicatissima.

Iguana delicatissima

Iguana delicatissima

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4 thoughts on “Iguana delicatissima, a rare species in the West Indies

  1. It is so beautiful!

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  2. I did not know that. We can lose no lizards (or cute turtles)!! This inspires me to research possible, if any, reliable groups of individuals aiming to keep them around. Thank you.

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  3. Beautiful creature.

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  4. thanks for your like! i finished the post if you’d like to go read it now.

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