Whale watching in South Africa

There is something awe-inspiring about seeing an 80-tonne whale lift nearly two-thirds of its body vertically out of the water and then come crashing down in an explosion of spray. We watched them rolling, blowing and breaching from the safety of the Hermanus seafront. There really isn’t a better place to go whale watching that […]

via Whale watching in South Africa — To Nairobi And Back

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11 thoughts on “Whale watching in South Africa

  1. Wow 😍
    Best regard

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  2. Thanks for sharing, dear Rolando 🙂

    Once when I was on Iceland I also participated in whale watching. Was great indeed to see such gigant animals of the ocean.
    All the best

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  3. whale watching is very good view in south Africa. I also watched iin Cape Town when i happened to visit South Africa in 2015 . very good post by you.

    read my post MY STORY Life of challenges Part 1 and My STORY PART 2.very interresting on some phase ofmy life true account.

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  5. We watch whales in Umdloti on Natals North Coast. Such a treat.

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  6. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Wow, whale 🐳 watching!! My life is so boring ☹️

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  9. Great Pic! Please check out my new article about South Africa – the 3 rondavels.
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