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According to Mongolian Buddhism, a spot in the middle of the Gobi desert is where the strongest spiritual energy in the world converges. To mark the location, the monastery complex was built in the 19th century, Khamriin Khiid. The original Khamriin Khiid monastery was founded in 1820 by Danzanravjaa, known as the Terrible Noble Saint […]

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15 thoughts on “Try Visiting Mongolia — Tourism Observer

  1. jerserry

    That is so beautiful place !

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  2. That is awesome. Supposedly there are energy vortexes, among other places, in Sedona, Arizona. I suppose not the same or as potent as that of the Gobi desert. A friend of mine received as a gift, rocks mailed from Sedona. She claimed to ‘feel’ something from them. Perhaps she did. I’m sensitive to things, but I felt nothing. Regardless, this is an an amazing place, I rule out nothing.

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  3. That’s quite interesting.

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  4. I so hope I get the chance to go… I’ve always felt a pull to go there.

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  5. Lebodou

    What is the budget to travel to Mongolia?


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  7. Amazing stay at beautiful place!

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