Thanks for following my Travel Blog

Dear Followers

Many thanks for following Rolandomio‘s Travel Blog! 

I am striving to publish interesting posts with travel news, stories, suggestions and recommendations on a regular basis. My major goal with this Blog is to give you travel inspirations and to show you that your „paradise“ is only a plane or train ticket (or boat ride) away.


Thanks for following my Travel Blog

For all those that are not registered on WordPress, you can receive my Blog posts via E-Mail. ThereforeI invite you to subscribe the Blog by entering your E-Mail below: “Follow Roandomio Travel via E-Mail“.

Thanks and happy travels! Rolandomio Travel

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15 thoughts on “Thanks for following my Travel Blog

  1. Congrats. Glad I found you before the community pool was stopped. I enjoy your blog posts.

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  2. Wow this is awesome. I will surely follow you on email


  3. Astonishing! I love it all and very inspiring too.

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  5. Following! My family travels to Disney World every year! Now twice a year. I would love to explore other countries though!


  6. Good one 👍

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  7. very nice most!


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