Destination Geneva Switzerland

It had been six weeks since I packed my passport into my Dakine backpack. Six weeks since I had caught the Gatwick express, and six week since I last endured the process of going through airport security. Six weeks and I was dying to go somewhere. There’s no questioning that I caught the travel bug […]

via The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Geneva — Nerissa’s wonderland

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5 thoughts on “Destination Geneva Switzerland

  1. saachijain987

    hey, I went there last year, it is an amazing place

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  2. saachijain987

    did you check out chaplins world there ? It is an amazing place. It is about Charlie Chaplin.


    • Yes, I went to Chaplin‘s Mansion and the new Museum! In my opinion, it is one of the Best to see in the lake of Geneva Region! It is in Croisier sur Vevey, only a few minutes by car from the City of Vevey….did you see there the Nestle Museum?…also worthwhile visiting!


      • Emmarodgers. A long journey of mine.

        yes, it was amazing. Oh my god I love your site. Don’t you like to travel ? I love that part when we are waiting at the airport for our flight to another place. I hope you liked Switzerland. I will be posting a blog on my trip to Bhutan. I hope will look forward
        to that.


      • Yes, I like Switzerland and I am eagerly awaiting your post on Buthan!


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